GP Place Combined Unit

GP Place Combined Unit is a resort in Pansol Laguna. This is referring to the combined unit which will cater a bigger capacity. The Amenities of unit 1 and 2 will be combined – and will be twice the fun. This is a private resort available for overnight stays. The rates are dependent on the hours of stay. It may be for 12 hours, 22 hours or more. Rates may differ depending on the season. Peak seasons usually charge a little extra.

There is a garden and there is a lot of places to sit around and mingle with friends and family. All the rooms have bedding and will be very comfortable – not that most people sleep.

GP Place Combined Unit Features

This Hot Spring Resort in Pansol is a nice place for the whole family. The generic amenities include a hot spring swimming pool with a kitchen and rooms to sleep.
Some have more amenities like a garden.Most rooms are air-conditioned and have very nice entertainment systems perfect for having fund with friends and family.

  • Garden
  • Party Tables and Chairs
  • Huge place
  • Huge rooms
  • Nice swimming pool
  • Modern Design
  • Covered Swimming Pool
  • Great View of Makiling
  • Overnight Stay
  • Hot Spring
  • Big House
  • Very big capacity
  • Hot Spring, Adult Pool
  • Water Dispenser
  • Ref, Gastove, Grill and a kitchen for your food
  • Videoke and other entertainment
  • Secure Parking

GP Place Combined Unit Rates

Day Time Private Resort Rental : Php 16,000 to 20,000
Night Time Private Resort Rental : Php 20,000 to 24,000
Private Resort Rental for 22 hours : Php 36,000 to 40,000

GP Place Combined Unit Contact Details

Address : Pansol Hot Spring Village, Lago Vista, Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna
Globe Contact Number: 0917 577 7665
Smart Contact Number: 0998 961 3426

If you own this resort , please contact the web admin so the details of this resort can be updated. Laguna Hot Springs and Resorts would like to help you provide more accurate information regarding your resort.


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GP Place

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