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If you want a resort in Laguna that points you directly to Pagsanjan falls, then you should shoot for this one. La Corona De Pagsanjan is near Pagsanjan Falls and serves as an easy jump off for those that want their adventure to start.



The place

La Corona De Pagsanjan is in close proximity witht he famous pagsanjan falls and offers a homely stay. It fits best with holiday makers and the day trip tourists that want a no hassle and delay tour of Pagsanjan. Jump in those Pagsanjan Rapids in style.


They have more than Pagsanjan falls to offer. They have swimming pools to compliment their proximity with the famous falls. THey ahve of course the common rooms that are perfect for families wanting to stay overnight.

La Corona De Pagsanjan Activities

Day tour activities are offered by La Corona Resort. Here you’ll find tours to the falls by rafts and boats which are handled by experienced boat men. You maight be surprised that the place is actually big enough for occasions like weddings, reunions and conventions. Big! meanign 4.5 hectares of pure fun.  Nto only will it point you to the famous Pagsanjan falls, but to other destinations in Laguna too.


Their services include guidance and assistance on special laguna tours – especailly through the rapids of the falls. You can also do more activities in La Corona – you go on picnics in their 4,5 hectare land and have a good hike. You can also arrange for special occasions or company team buildings, recollections, ,field trips.

Contact Details

Brgy. Pinagsanjan, Pagsanjan, Laguna
MR. RUEL RESOPA, Operations Manager
Tel. No. (049) 808-1752
Fax. No. (049) 808-1725

La Corona de Pagsanjan
Barrio Pinagsanghan, Pagsanjan, Laguna
Tel. No.: (049)501-1753 / Fax. No.: (049)501-1793

Sales And Marketing Office
2/F Best Western Hotel La Corona
1166 M. H. Del Pilar corner Arquiza Streets,
Ermita, Manila
Tel. No.: 302-2810 / Fax. No.: 521-3909

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