Doña Jovita Garden Resort

Doña Jovita Garden Resort is just an hour’s drive from Manila making it very accessible for day trippers and weekend holiday makers. This is located right at the footsteps of mount Makiling, giving it a more majestic ambiance for your special occasions.

They provide a great deal of activities like Billiards, Horseback riding and you can even have a nice trek to Mt. Makiling if you want. The natural ambiance along with fine landscaping makes it a relaxing place.


Doña Jovita Garden Resort is not your usual laguna hot spring resort with a mediocre pool and close to nothing service. They have a slide which is pretty hard to find, and a big enough space to go on special occasions and events like weddings, baptisms, debuts and reunions. Check this out – room service massages just to make you feel at home.


Great accommodations also awaits – Doña Jovita Garden Resort has cottages, picnic huts, tree houses, air-conditioned rooms and dormitories. Again, this is not your typical laguna resort. It has every choice for you – you can go on a day trip with its accessibility OR you may not want to go home. You’d rather spend the night with their fine rooms.


For rates, its far too hard to summarize and navigate, so I would rather give you a link right here to their rates page. You’ll find it easier to navigate I am sure.


You can also contact them directly. Here’s Dona Jovita Resorts Contact details:


Mobile No. (0917) 584-8441

Tel Nos. (049) 545-3740 / 545-6657 / 545-7517 / (02) 800-3947 / 800-0771

Email |


Don’t get confused if you are looking for their official website – they have a lot. They have sites from Weebly and another 2 more sites. 


Visit these web sites for clarifications:


All pics are from their site. 


Doña Jovita Garden Resort

Km. 57, Nat’l. Hi-way, Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City
(049) 545-3740

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