88 Hot Spring Resort and Spa

Standard Pool

88 Hot Spring Resort and Spa is located in Calamba Laguna – where luxury is a custom. Here, Mt. Makiling’s gift of Hot Spring is abundant and shared in this Resort. This is a huge resort – with about 10 pools and outdoor spa.

88 Hot Spring Resort and Spa is one of the most popular in Laguna Рprimarily because of the accessibility and amenities that they have. They have above average facilities, and certainly not your ordinary Laguna Hot Spring Spa.

Hot spring Mini Pool
Hot Spring

Click on the link to visit their site:

88 Hot Spring Resort and SpaBagong Kalsada, Calamba City

(02) 804-0608
(049) 536-1388\

They can also be contacted through:


e: info@88resort.com

Photos taken from 88resort.com

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